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Updated Program Will Begin April 1, 2020

About the Program

This certificate program was built on the vision of Dr. Thomas Beckner, founder of the American Chaplaincy Training School and is recognized by national ministries such as Prison Fellowship, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry and the Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association (CMCA).

*Earning a Correctional Ministries Certificate does NOT automatically permit access to correctional facilities. Facility administrators determine who is allowed to minister in their facility.

The Correctional Ministries Certificate Program is offered through
the Institute for Prison Ministries

This program is built on the core values of a strong biblical foundation, a calling to evangelize and disciple, a commitment to the unity of believers in Jesus Christ and a devotion to excellence.

Who should pursue a Correctional Ministries Certificate?

The Correctional Ministries Certificate Program is designed for individuals seeking to establish a foundation in correctional ministries and receive specialized training in correctional chaplaincy or reentry.

Why pursue a Correctional Ministries Certificate?

Equipped professionals and volunteers are more effective at fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment through service in jails, prisons and reentry ministries. Those served through correctional ministry deserve the highest quality ministry possible.