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Lausanne Correctional Ministries Group

The Lausanne Correctional Ministries Group works to mobilize the church in correctional ministry


Mr. James Ackerman, CEO, Prison Fellowship USA
Mr. John Baker, National Director of Celebrate Recovery
Mr. Seth Bible, Director of Prison Programs, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Mr. Jerry Blassingame, Executive Director, Soteria Community Development Corporation
Ms. Lisa Blystra, Executive Director Crossroads Prison Ministries
Dr. Kevin Brown, Director of Prison Programs, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary
Ms. Stacey Campbell, CEO, Prison Fellowship Canada
Mr. James D’Amato, Director of Field Partner Programs, Prison Fellowship USA
Chaplain Dwight Cuff, Canadian Department of Corrections, Pacific Region
Mr. Jon Evans, President, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Mrs. Ilinda Jackson, President, Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association
Mr. Eric Kelly, National Director, Juvenile Justice Youth for Christ
Mr. Scott Larson, Founder and President of Straight Ahead Ministries
Ms. Evelyn Lemly, CEO, Kairos Prison Ministry International
Chaplain R. Steve Lowe, Founder, Pacific Youth Correctional Ministries
Mr. John Richards, Managing Director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College
Dr. Ed Stetzer, Executive Director, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College
Dr. Karen Swanson, Director, Institute for Prison Ministries, Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College
Dr. H. Dean Trulear, Professor at Howard Divinity School
Ms. Michelle Warren, Advocacy and Strategic Engagement Director, Christian Community Development Association
Mr. Joseph Williams, Executive Director, Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Association